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Initial ConsulationWilliam Frank knows that the time before you choose a lawyer can be nerve racking. You can have concerns about who will best represent you and how much it will cost. Often the reason that causes you to seek out an attorney is also causing you financial strain. You don’t need the extra stress of worrying about how much simply choosing an attorney will cost you. 
To get the most out of your appointment and to make it as smooth for you as possible the William Frank and his office suggest the following:

Ahead of time:

  • Create a timetable of events that caused you to seek an attorney
  • Bring all your relative important documents with you – especially if you have any that are seeking forth a court date.
  • Make a list of names of individuals involved in your case
  • Make a list of questions that are important to you
  • Try to be a little early to so we can make as much use of your time in the office as possible.

During the consultation:

  • Your communication with an attorney is privileged and protected by the attorney-client relationship.  It is imperative that you be fully honest with your attorney so he can help you.
  • Addressing the issues will mean that you may be asked some disturbing or pointed questions. You do not have to worry aboutwhether your answers will be shocking – with his experience Mr. Frank has probably already heard a similar story.  Initial ConsulationIt is important for you tobe forthcoming and honest. Remember, to be as effective as possible it’s important to share all the facts.
  • Ask questions.  Make a list so you don't forget to ask the things that really matter to you. The adage, "There are no dumb questions," is true. No one expects you to know to the all of the issues or understand legal terms. You need to understand everything that is going on so you can make the best decisions possible.
  • The next appointment will be longer to go over your case in depth and discuss an appropriate strategy for resolving the problem.

William Frank’s role as your attorney:

William Frank will use your knowledge of the facts to counsel you on the relevant issues of your case. He’ll help you approach your situation with reason rather than emotion. It is not possible to anticipate all the factors that may affect the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome in your case.  An experienced attorney is trained to apply the law to your particular situation and to work with you to get the best results possible. William Frank brings incredible experience to your side in the court room and out.

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